At 4BENGAL CATS we value our kitten's physical and mental HEALTH above all else. This is why WE DO NOT SHIP and sell only to New Englander's. We do not SHOW because want to limit the amount of stress caused by confinement and intimidating arenas.

Bengal Cats are a lot like dogs except for one major difference-dogs forget about mistreatment, and like elephants-Bengals never forget. You can not make it up to them later.

It is imperative that you are dedicated to raising a healthy happy Bengal cat to reap the benefits of trust, good nature, and interaction.

These cats do not come trained to play with you. It is a give and take relationship. If you always have whats best for your kitty foremost in mind you will succeed in raising an amazing animal.

Our kittens come TICA registered, vaccinated, and with our Vet's health certification. All of our cats are FIP/FeLV and Parasite free.